Time Traveler

I have created a cryptographic story. If you successfully complete the story, please leave a comment saying how long it took. Let me know if you find any errors.

Time Traveler

3 thoughts on “Time Traveler”

  1. It took about two and a half hours. At one point I had skipped a cipher and then at the end was asked about the key. I went back, solved the cipher and got the key but I couldn’t get back to the spot where I was asked about the key. I finally used my browser’s “history” list to find the spot where I was asked about that key and continued from there to the end.

  2. Took 8-9 hours. I use computer algorithms for the most part. Most ciphers were straight forward- but got hung up on the Foursquare. Also, I have typically solved the cipher, but haven’t determined the key – so had to write some new code to find the keys. I think I may have had the same problem as listed before. At the end it asked me for a key for a cipher from a city that I had never visited-so had to back, find it, and go down the other route. Thanks for putting this together. ACE2

  3. The “problem” of having to go back is intentional. I expect the solver to explore the entire story and have put that one fork early in the path, similar to role-playing games where the players must realize they need to pick up weapons, tools, money, etc. to complete it. It is possible to bookmark pages/choice points and go back and explore alternate lines at the time without having to use the browser’s back button or start over. I may add some more side routes in the future. I’m glad it gave you a good run. Congratulations on the completion.

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