Layout for selecting converging key search routes.

Here’s a screenshot of two/four square converging key search program. It has a grid for selecting which routes to use in the search. You could just choose all routes, but that makes the program take forever, especially in a tri-square key search where you are searching three keysquares.

The part of the display that took the longest to figure out was combining the giant size checkboxes in the grid with the ordinary sized 6×6 checkbox. That took a lot of searching through the web for information about html and css tags.

3 thoughts on “Layout for selecting converging key search routes.”

  1. It’s not on the gadgets page yet. I’m waiting until I’ve got all of Tri-square, two/four square, and CM Bifid. I haven’t added the grid to CM bifid yet. Also I only put autosolvers on the private part of the gadgets page. To access the menu for the private part you have to drag the ‘B’ icon at the bottom up to the “Bion’s Gadgets” title at the top. When you drop it on the top, a password box opens at the bottom. Then you enter the 1st 9 digits of pi.

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