Letter frequency patterns

I was toying with some ideas and noticed that it is possible to create a word pattern based on the frequency of the letters. It works by comparing the normal frequency of each letter in the word with the other letters and numbering them in order of most frequent to least, with duplicate letters given sequential numbers, not repeats. For example CHASTENED gets the pattern 974631528. E being the most frequent letter, the first E gets the 1, the second E the 2, then T, and so on. For words longer than 10 letters, using the alphabet instead of numbers would be necessary. It could also be done using repeats, like Myszkowski, so both E’s would get the 1 in the example.

I’ve noticed that for shorter words there are many duplicates, i.e. words with the same pattern, but for longer ones, there are relatively few. For words over seven letters long, many have unique patterns. So far I have not found a use for these patterns in solving, but it seems like there should be one. These patterns could be useful for an Aristocrat in finding a long word if the ciphertext was long enough enough to have reliable frequency data, I suppose, but there are much easier ways of solving those. It seems like the patterns might be used somehow in those types with word breaks like Ragbaby or Sequence.

If anyone has any ideas on how to use these patterns please post your comments. I can provide a sample pattern list for words of length 3 to 9 if you contact me.

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