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A new member (Gerard) has just posted a comment on a post from months ago where it will not be seen requesting assistance in solving the cipher below. I’m reposting the text here and will send him a link to this page. If anyone solves it or has suggestions, please post them in the comments here.

Could you help me solve this?


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  1. Gerard, Please provide some context to this. I haven’t been able to identify the cipher type. Where is it from? Who created it and what is their background and knowledge of ciphers? Do you know if it’s in English? Is it from some online source we can view, such as a geocaching puzzle? Do you know of any likely words or phrases that might be in it?

  2. My ID tests put Gromark on top but I couldn’t solve it as a Gromark. Gromark is a pretty obscure cipher type. The cipher’s statistics are pretty close to random text.

  3. I’m pasting in your response, then I’ll comment.
    Hello Rat and BION!

    In response to your questions Rat, I created this cipher on using the Nicodemus or Gromark cipher! Or it was another cipher on the said website… The problem here is that I forgot to save the answer on my computer. — Thus BION, I really appreciate your statement! As I’m pretty confident this is Gromark, while the other is Nicodemus(I’ll get to the other later)

    Regardless, the cipher in PLAINTEXT without quotation marks: “He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast httpsfilehostneteededcfd1fcb”(Plaintext for the filehost link lacks numbers, as those are obtained through something else.

    I do remember one key MIGHT have been anger, and another key was 100% “Leonardo DaVinci”(Unsure which ciphers they were used for, and at the time I didn’t understand the Gromark cipher and I didn’t use a prime number while encrypting- So a bit confused how the algorithm still gave and answer)

    My background/knowledge of ciphers = Nothing professional and mostly basic ciphers such as vigenere.

    The source of this specific piece can be found here: “”(The domain name has nothing to do with solving the ciphers within the website)
    ^The second cipher posted through Imgur contains the solution to the first cipher posted on pastebin, which was the one I requested help with originally Rat!

    And this puzzle isn’t a Hoax, but rather a random cipher? Unless it encrypted into random letters because I didn’t use a prime numbers on the Gromark?(Again, I do not remember between the two textblocks which cipher is which, but I do remember those two are the ones I most likely used, and if not it was something else on the website).

    It’s 100% fine if the plaintext is lost forever, I can live without it!(With a friend online we’ve created a puzzle we’re running on a discord server –I refrained from linking it, as I feel it’s rude to advertise :’)–, and I can still manage to continue working on the puzzle without this specific section, so I really don’t mind if it’s unsolved ^^

    Forgive me if my text is jumbled/unproperly formed! I’m not *yet* the most profecient in English without the use of a text-editor. Anyhow! Thanks for taking the time to look at this, I really appreciate it, and hope to stay and learn from this website!

  4. When I ran it through my Analyzer, it put Nicodemus on top, i.e. as the most likely type, but I ran a brute force Nicodemus word list solver on it using English words in Vigenere, Beaufort and Variant modes. No plaintext came up. If the key word(s) is not in my list, then it wouldn’t. If it’s Gromark, then without a primer it’s very difficult to solve. I have attacked Gromarks without a primer, but without more data I didn’t want to make that effort. It can take many hours of computing.

  5. I changed the Gromark encode-decode routine at so that it now checks that the primer consists of exactly 5 digits.

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