Collection of Syllabary and Numbered key ciphers

I’ve posted a zipped file with 10,000 syllabary and 10,000 numbered key ciphers at the links below.

Each line of the file is divided into 8 fields separated by commas. The fields are:
(1) The plaintext
(2) The key for the numbered key cipher
(3) The shift for the key
(4) Numbered key ciphertext
(5) Syllabary keysquare key
(6) Syllabary row key (10 digits)
(7) Syllabary column key (10 digits)
(8) Syllabary ciphertext.

There are a couple of restrictions: (A) Since the plaintext is the same for both cipher types, the plaintext contains no digits. (B) The numbered key keys are just random text passages.

Google Docs link:

Dropbox link:

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