Unknown 10-30-19

Here’s a randomly generated cipher of unknown type. All my ID tests unanimously got the correct type. Hill-climber solved it without a crib. I’ll include a caesar-shifted crib.

43678 58658 55656 66354 88648 87404 35336 47773 46746 45334 44976
47695 76466 33594 55479 37456 64449 45370 84045 37457 76838 68396
43544 47655 78639 55334 65655 77874 74335 47606 64866 58425 43647
64458 54745 65457 76734 763


7 thoughts on “Unknown 10-30-19”

  1. I’m busy working on the new Cm issue, but I took time out to solve this one. My programs identified and solved it without the crib.

    1. Have you received the ND2019 CM? I usually receive it a day or two before the end of the month. Not this time. Don’t know if they were mailed later than usual or problems with my mail. Thanks,

      1. I haven’t received the ND 2019 issue either. I did download the digital version though. I found the CE column quite a challenge since I didn’t know the cipher types or any cribs. I’ve solved 22 of the CE ciphers. I may get 2 more, but the other 2 will have to wait for cribs.

  2. I received mine around the 29th. I completed solving it yesterday. I have no idea why the magazines don’t arrive all at the same time. If you post which cons you need cribs for I’ll post CAESAR enciphered cribs to those.

      1. E-9 puzzles it shows.
        E-26 ends: “they are immortal stars”
        Obviously these are not Caesar-enciphered because they weren’t in the magazine.

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