Tridigital 11-14-19

84621 27836 18660 14881 40968 61254 89609 46872 48400 25326 24225
38186 60140 34567 27124 20722 21614 61453 8161

The ciphertext is a sentence randomly chosen from My Recursion program found the correct full plaintext in less than 2 seconds without a crib after I manually replaced the separator digit with spaces. I had to determine the keys using separate programs and working by hand. I’ll provide a crib. One of the words uses the British spelling.


2 thoughts on “Tridigital 11-14-19”

  1. Plaintext continues: YMJWJXZQYXBJWJ

    I changed the digits to the letters A-J and used my keyphrase word search to get the combined matches for the three longest word possibilities. There was only one possibility for the longest word. I plugged that word into my hill-climber which solved it fairly quickly. But it took longer than 2 seconds. Didn’t use the crib.

    Solving for the keys was straight forward.

  2. Your solution is correct. There are two valid possibilities for the longest word if you count American and English spellings. The American spelling does not produce a valid key.

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