UNKNOWN 11-16-19

Here is a randomly generated cipher of unknown type. My work on this one turned into a comedy of errors. I eliminated several types, including the correct one, by pasting the wrong ciphertext into some of my conversion programs. Then I decided it was a type that probably needed a crib, so I pasted the Caesar-shifted plaintext into a minimum crib program and started it running. After 15 minutes the program hadn’t come up with a crib. This was too long so I guessed there was a bug in my program. I searched through the source code but couldn’t find anything wrong. About this time I noticed I had used the wrong ciphertext in some of my programs. Putting in the correct ciphertext led to the correct ciphertype. But it still took me about half an hour to solve the con. I didn’t need a crib. But I’ll add a Caesar-shifted crib.

20341 50124 37220 35061 30132 91513 77881 55372 37532 10155 74532
03203 40924 32912 25367 81537 24372 20302 91453 29135 94715 04539
77130 28538 72185 34121 24721 43724 32913 00802 75253 97713 20235
12361 12376 81320 34477 13723 29174 30722 81.

crib: YBJSYD

One thought on “UNKNOWN 11-16-19”

  1. That’s a funny story, BION. I’ve had the same sort of thing happen to me.

    It continues HAZZNKSUYZ. My Analyzer ranked the correct type as #3, but I tried it second. My autosolver for this type produced a partial solution almost instantly. The solution was only 90% right, but the entire sentence could be read and hand corrected without needing the crib or the original source.

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