Unknown 11/19/19

My Analyzer placed the correct type in 10th place. I had to peek at the type. Then my hillclimber didn’t solve it, so I had to place the crib. I finally solved it by key search.


crib: INXQNPJXGZYXMJ This fits several places but the correct placement seemed clear to me.

3 thoughts on “Unknown 11/19/19”

  1. Plaintext continues: XMJKJQYYMNXFKYJWSTTS

    The correct type was in fourteenth place on one of my ID tests and didn’t make it onto the list in my other two ID tests. For ciphers shorter than 100 letters my ID tests are not too unreliable.

    My hill-climber solved it but I had to use the crib. I’m not sure about the complete key — I filled in the complete plaintext but the key was still missing 5 positions. There are several ways to fill in those positions.

  2. I tried this one again using the solving method I presented at the 2016 convention. SPOILER ALERT: The type for this one is Foursquare. Using the digraph frequencies in English I produced two key files, one for each of the two ct squares, and ran them against each other. One of the correct key/route combination was included, and the other not. The best solution produced was good enough to read the text and complete the erroneous parts interactively without using the crib. I’ll post my Foursquare frequency chart again. I can’t include an image in this comment.

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